Ogre Crossing Games is a board game design studio dedicated to creating thematic, fun, and visually compelling games. Its sole proprietor, designer, and artist is Greg Grimsby.  Greg is a professor of 3D Art and Animation at George Mason University and holds an MFA in painting. Greg was the art director on Warhammer Online for Electronic Arts and he has been in the games business as an artist for over 25 years.  

Formed in 2019, Ogre Crossing Games is the culmination of a childhood and career spent designing games, creating D&D adventures, and crafting amazing art.

So Greg does all the game design, art, graphic design, web-development, marketing, and um, well all of it.

He is very thankful to his loving wife, Rachel, who is supportive of this second career; and to his many playtesters who just love playing games and hanging out.

Thank for your support and interest!